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What is SHINE Online?

SHINE Online is a place to house our learning about our online world.  We've split our learning into five different areas.   These five areas focus on different aspects of digital citizenship and digital fluency.  They offer essential knowledge and skills to our learners as they navigate their world.  

The resources listed on our SHINE Online site are not the only way of learning about digital citizenship, we will likely update these over time to keep them relevant for our learners.

Parents & Caregiver Resources

We have a range of resources available to our parents and caregivers you can access these on this page.

Teacher Resources

In addition to the resources on each of our SHINE Online pages listed below we also have a list of alternative resources for teachers here.

Collecting GEMS

We're learning about new things and deepening our understanding of others while we are here.  So, we will need to be digging, climbing and finding our way around in the learning pit to retrieve more GEMS to add to our collection.

Our SHINE Online resources are broken up into three levels and five areas - S,H,I,N and E

Level 1 is for those beginning their digital journeys

Level 2 is for those in the middle of their journey 

Level 3 is for those who are towards the end of the digital journey at Sunnyhills

The content for each area is explained below...

How do we  keep ourselves and others safe online?

We need to make sure that what we do and what we share online is safe for us and those around us.  When we sign up for appropriate accounts we need to make sure we use strong passwords and keep those and other important details secret. 

We need to know how digital technology works. We're beginning to understand inputs, processes and outputs in a digital technology system 

How can we be helpful and show our work online?  

When we are online we need to make sure we use and create resources that are useful and the best quality we can make them.  When we are using resources online  that others have created we need to make sure we give credit to the creators of the resources.

How do we make sure we are using the best resources online?  

 When we are online we need to be able to find and evaluate resources.  Sometimes people post things online that aren't true we need to have strategies for spotting fake resources.  

How does being online effect us? 

We need to be able to determine if we need to be online.  Sometimes we need to unplug and spend time offline, outside and with other people face to face.  We need to use devices appropriately and know how to use the awesome tools they provide us with.

How do we make sure what we're doing online is making a positive difference?

We need to THINK before we post online.   When we see something that isn't right we need to tell a trusted adult.