Empathetic & Brave

Level 3

  • I know that there are positive and negative ways to use online tools

  • I follow terms and conditions of tools I use online and if I'm not sure if I am able to use a tool I ask a trusted adult

  • I use THINK (True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind) to help me to decide if I should share something I have created online

  • I use THINK to help me to decide if I should share something someone else has created online

  • If I see something I think is wrong, nasty or makes me feel uncomfortable, sad or upset I tell a trusted adult

  • I can recognise things online that might hurt others and I tell a trusted adult

ISTE DigCit Digital Citizenship Competencies

ISTE DigCit Digital Citizenship Competenceis

Think Before You Share


Be Positive


River the Sugar Glider

I show respect

Esafety Office

Dusty the Frilled Lizard

I trust my feelings

Esafety Office

Can you use the information you've found to complete these games?

Remember to download your certificate at the end.

Be Internet Awesome - Kind Kingdom

E-volve - Common Sense Media - Digital Passport

Time to make a connection & share

Share your learning by creating something that shows what you have learnt and that will help others to be more aware about being Safe and Strong so they can Shine Online. You could create a poster, video, song, story, music video, dance, game or ...? it's up to you what you create. If you're stuck ask your teacher and classmates for ideas.

Make sure you share your creation with your teacher so they can award you with your Shine Online - Empathetic and Brave Badge - Level 3.