Interesting and Alert

Level 3

ISTE DigCit Digital Citizenship Competenceis

Lets start thinking about search, what it is, how it works and how to spot fakes in our results.

Use the resources below to help you begin to find out about search.

Why is it important to ask questions?

How Search Engines Work

How Search Works by

How Search Engines Work

Digital Garage

How Google Search Works


4 Safe and Smart Online Search Tips for Kids

The Search Process

Search Process

This is a search process we can use when looking for information both on and offline. 

It helps us to think about what we're searching for and what information we get from our search.

The 'How to Evaluate Websites' document helps us to think about how we can determine if the results we have in our search and helpful or not.  This would be the delve & evaluate part of the search process.

This information has been inspired and adapted from Kathleen Morris:  Mini lessons for teaching students research skills 

Spotting Fake News

Can you use the information you've found to complete these games?

Remember to download your certificate at the end.  

Reality River

BBC iReporter

Real or Fake?

Search Shark

Can you use the information you've found to find answers?

Any Questions / Many Answers

Time to make a connection & share

Share your learning by creating something that shows what you have learnt and that will help others to be more aware about being Interesting and Alert so they can Shine Online.  You could create a poster, video, song, story, music video, dance, game or ...? it's up to you what you create.  If you're stuck ask your teacher and classmates for ideas.

Make sure you share your creation with your teacher so they can award you with your Shine Online - Interesting and Alert Badge - Level 3.  

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