Nice and Necessary

Level 2

  • I am learning about different tools I can use in my learning

  • I am starting to make my own choices about the best tool to use based on suggestions from my teacher

  • I am learning how to work with others online not just by myself

  • I am learning about differences in the way screens are used - entertainment vs learning

  • I know I need to take breaks from screens even when I am learning

  • I am starting to set my own reasonable limits on screen time and my family and teachers are helping me to stick to these

  • I have a basic understanding of how the Internet was created, what it is and I am beginning to understand how some systems and processes control the Internet

ISTE DigCit Digital Citizenship Competenceis

Time to make a connection & share

Share your learning by creating something that shows what you have learnt and that will help others to be more aware about being Safe and Strong so they can Shine Online. You could create a poster, video, song, story, music video, dance, game or ...? it's up to you what you create. If you're stuck ask your teacher and classmates for ideas.

Make sure you share your creation with your teacher so they can award you with your Shine Online - Nice and Necessary Badge - Level 2.

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